Achieving effective SMART Goals

So it’s the beginning of the New year and you’re supposed to set personal goals. That’s part of being an adult, right? Well…. If you are like most Americans, you’ve already lost your way from achieving the goals.

It may not be your fault. Really, it may not be totally your fault, that is. Have you ever been taught how to think about goals, personalize them, and write one that you can and WANT to achieve? Odds are, probably not. I can say that I remember being in middle school and attending a Goal Setting workshop hosted by the University of Kentucky Football team. I can’t remember where it was located in my little town, presumably at the local community college. Anyways, that was the workshop for me! Life planning, writing goals, breaking them down to daily¬† jobs, and then achieving them.

So, if you never had the opportunity to learn how to create and write goals that you can achieve, then here you go. I created a 33 minute video class on how to write SMART goals.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Limit. This class explains the “SMART” acronym and provide examples on how to write effective goals. There are examples of poorly written goals and better goals. This class also briefly discusses planning and committing to the goals, as well as how to find time to work on the goals.¬†Setting personal goals creates many advantages over those individuals that do not set goals.

If you are interested in viewing the FREE class/webinar, watch the class below through YouTube. Be sure to head on over to the Smart and Sassy Business YouTube channel. Like the channel and the video. You’ll be notified as I post free classes or mini lectures.

Let me know what your goals are for the year. I’ll be checking in on you at the end of the year!


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