Promotions Strategy

Hey small business owner! Are you achieving the sales and recognition that you want? Are you anywhere near that goal or are you sitting there with the birds chirping in the background? Most of the free training, YouTube videos, podcasts, and blog posts make it seem like you can create a website or channel or podcast and people will magically appear out of nowhere and you will suddenly become the most well-known person in your field. Ha! That’s certainly not the truth!

The reason is because building a business is not easy. It will take you a lot longer than you thought. And a lot longer than some random face on the internet or “expert” on a podcast will tell you! Why is that when you paid for their training program, followed it to the letter, but still aren’t gaining any traction? It’s because they HAVE GREAT PROMOTIONS STRATEGY! They are telling you, their target market, exactly what you want to hear. They are offering a solution to your problem. However, the real problem may be that the solution isn’t all that effective as promised.

How many more ads can I literally see on facebook about how “Successful online course creators” have sold millions of dollars in online courses while sitting on a tropical island?

I believe the realistic ads, those people who say you can make a few thousand dollars with a course over the ones who say they’ve sold millions of dollars of a course. I mean, with society complaining about the cost of a college degree, are there that many people buying $1,000 courses form internet strangers but wouldn’t even invest that in a REAL college class with professors who’ve studied the subject for 15+ years, conducted field research, and published REAL research in REAL journals? I digress….

So let’s get back to how YOU can create an effective promotions strategy for your business. Define your target market. Then figure out where your target market hangs out: social media, in the car, retail store, etc. Then craft a message and advertise to them in a cost-effective manner. Remember that your target market can be a business or end consumer. You need a different marketing strategy for the business and end consumer.

Remember that your main goal at the end of the day is to convert the target market into buyers. Without sales, it’s just a hobby.

Then decide the most cost effective way to reach the target market. You will probably need to send some marketing money. This can be traditional media like tv, radio, billboard ads or can include social media as well. You may also want to consider conferences, networking and sales calls too. Even if you have an online business, you can still market through face-to-face meetings. If you are offering an online class about education, then go meet with teachers. If you are offering an online class on teaching dogs how to obey, then market at your local pet store too. And the vets’ offices. And your neighbors. And online pet obedience groups. If you can get one person that you meet in person to buy your class and spread the word, isn’t that better than spending money on facebook ads to get one customer? Plus, the face to face customer may be willing to write you a review and rank your class too. People like connecting with other people.

If you want to learn more about promotions strategy, you watch this mini lecture on  promotions – marketing strategy. Please share this post with your followers on social media!

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