Smart and Sassy Business is a blog and website that focuses on business education for entrepreneurs and executives with a little bit of sass and a whole lot of smarts.

Business education and professional development for executives and entrepreneurs should not be boring. The traditional classroom learning is gone.

As an online educator for undergraduate and graduate classes, as well as completing my doctorate degree in business administration online, why should business education from everyone else be limited to on-site events, conferences, and official trainings at designated times and away from the office? We all know that the attendees monitor their smartphones constantly during these trainings and most folks hate doing cheesy ice breakers with people they will not ever see again. Of course, that only happens when executive have the time to take away from the office. When do senior executives and entrepreneurs spend 1 to 2 full days for on-site training on one subject? Yes, I totally agree that business education will help entrepreneurs make better business decisions but the learning process has to change.

My goal is to utilize the new learning capabilities, such as videos, blogs, and structured classes, to help executives and entrepreneurs gain real and practical business advice and education through a fun forum on their time.