The Crowdfunding for your Small Business class is finally here!

If you’ve ever considered using crowdfunding to raise money and presale products for your business but not sure how to do it, this class is for you! I combine research that I conducted for my doctoral degree program with published research to bring you the best strategies for success!

The Crowdfunding for Your Small Business Course consists of 11 modules and over  4 hours of video, including the following topics:

-Module 1- Choosing Your Project

-Module 2- Technology

-Module 3- Choose Internet Platform

-Module 4- Creating Your Project Description

-Module 5- Do your Research

-Module 6- Create Valuable Rewards

-Module 7- Create Marketing Plan

-Module 8- Budget and Target Goal

-Module 9- Complete Pre-Work

-Module 10- During the Campaign

-Module 11- After your Campaign Ends

Crowdfunding is a business transaction where the small business owner collects small amounts of money from a lot of people through social media in exchange for a reward or gift. Basically, you receive money upfront to finance your project and then you reward those same people for helping you. It’s like selling movie tickets to Star Wars or the latest Avengers movie in advance of the release date. In these cases though, the movies are already finished. You are asking potential funders to trust you enough to give you money before the product is even finished.

In the meantime, if you have questions about crowdfunding for small businesses, let me know!

Dr. Melissa Cohen

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